Key beliefs:

Salvation: We believe that salvation is found through faith in Jesus Christ alone. There is no other way to find a personal relationship with God. We believe that this is the testimony of Scripture (John 14:6).

The Bible: We believe that The Bible is the divinely inspired word of God. Although the Bible was written by men, it was by God’s direction and according to His will that each word was written. We believe that there is no error found in the Bible. We also believe it to be vital for living. In other words, not only is it true, but it is truth for us to live by. Since we believe it to be God’s word we believe that we are to live according to His word.

Jesus: We believe that Jesus is the Eternal Son of God. He was present at creation and was with God in eternity past. He came to earth as a man so that He might give himself as a sacrifice for our sins. After His resurrection, He went back to be with God the father, and is at His right hand even now. We believe that salvation is found only through faith in Him.

The Church: While there is the Church universal, which is all those who are believers that are alive anywhere on earth, that universal church is organized into local bodies of baptized believers that come together to see the kingdom of God grow. We at Mt. Olive Baptist Church are one of these local bodies of believers that have come together by membership, and through belief in God’s word and faith in Christ to help further the kingdom of God.